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The Simple to Follow Ready2Teach Substitute Path

Dani Corbett
Ready2Teach Article Writer
April 16, 2021

Ready2Teach is passionate about putting the right substitute teachers in the right classrooms for our students. By hiring qualified substitutes to teach our kids, we're ensuring the best replacement for full-time teachers. When we can recruit, train, and retain the right subs for the job, we're helping solve the substitute shortage across the United States.

The Ready2Teach Substitute Process

Recruiting our Substitutes

  • Ready2Teach is always recruiting. Even after filling any vacancies for your dedicated substitute pool, we continue to recruit exclusive and qualified substitutes for our Ready2Teach substitute pool so we have substitutes available in all needed situations. We recruit year round, even during the summer months.
  • Ready2Teach attends job fairs and conventions to speak with potential substitutes and provide information to all interested individuals.
  • We utilize Betterteam to post jobs to all major online job board services such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and more.
  • Our job posts can be seen on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • We post jobs to college job boards seeking eager students currently enrolled in education programs.
  • Ready2Teach subs are all part of our in-app referral program. When current subs refer qualified subs to us, they earn cash or gift card rewards after their referral completes their first job.
  • We work with our schools to include QR codes on school and community flyers to reach potential substitutes within school districts. 

Hiring our Substitutes

  • All Ready2Teach substitutes go through the same onboarding process.
  • The Onboarding process includes a thorough background check, teaching training and assessments, and verification paperwork. 
  • The training assessments teach our subs how to handle different classroom situations as well as work with special needs students, and deal with safety situations.

Training our Substitutes

  • Ready2Teach training program was developed by Susan Tomlinson, a R2T company advisor and previous school psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Education.
  • Our substitutes all receive the same onboarding training. These training modules cover five topics essential to the success of being a great substitute teacher.
  1. Being Prepared to Sub
  2. Classroom Management
  3. Teaching Strategies 
  4. Legal Aspects
  5. Special Education
  • Specified district training is provided in person prior to the beginning of the school year for all substitutes in dedicated school sub-pools. This covers all training specific to the district of school substitutes will be exclusive subs for.
  • Bi-monthly substitute training refreshers are hosted online by Melanie Harker. Melanie holds a degree in Mild to Moderate Special Education.
  • One training is specified to cover areas suggested by our schools and districts via in-app feedback.
  • One training will dive deeper into the initial five topics substitute teachers learned about during their onboarding process.
  • Training techniques used include guest teachers, role plays, experiences from skilled substitutes, and question and answer sessions. 
  • R2T follows the Love and Logic program as well as Mandt for de-escalation and restraining. Substitutes are also exposed to diapering, toileting, and feeding skills in our refresher substitute training. Behavioral skills training and procedures for diapering and toileting are included for those with health, developmental, or cognitive disabilities.

Retaining our Substitutes

  • Ready2Teach meets regularly with our substitutes for training and feedback.
  • As members of our Sub Club Rewards Program, substitutes can receive bonuses and other incentives to work additional hours.
  • Recommended, high-rated substitutes are eligible for bonuses in the form of gift cards and gift certificates.
  • Subs may obtain feedback on every job they complete within their app. The feedback provides up to five star reviews as well as personalized feedback from a teacher or admin. Ready2Teach monitors this feedback and recognizes subs who consistently perform well with regular text messages, phone calls, and emails from R2T admins. 
  • Ready2Teach has dedicated staff to communicate with the subs on a regular basis and answer any questions or concerns sub have.

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