What’s your hiring process?

We take the hustle out of the recruiting, on-boarding, and hiring process. We partner with a couple of leading HR Platforms around the country to target the best and most qualified substitute teachers. After initial screening interviews, we run fingerprints and background checks and train new subs in the “Ready2Teach” Classroom and through online resources we have developed internally. Our goal is to make sure that even if our subs do not receive a lesson plan upon arrival to their assignment, that they are Ready to Teach nonetheless.

Why Ready2Teach?

Ready2Teach was formed with one goal in mind: To recruit, onboard, and train the best substitute teachers around the country. How? Leverage the advantages of technology to make this process simple, easy, and straight-forward. We recruit subs year-round and pay them above average wages because we have developed technological advantages that keep our costs low. Subs love our platform and the flexibility to work as much or as little as they want. So whether you work full-time and sub once a week or would like to sub everyday, we have the right opportunities for you.