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FAQ / About School

What benefits do you provide?

We recognize that substitute teachers desire freedom and flexibility. We connect our subs with third party resources that help provide medical insurance, retirement savings, life insurance, etc. We continue to expand the offerings and work hard to make sure that our subs can enjoy good quality of life.

Why Ready2Teach?

There are several reasons our schools love us. They often cite the savings we provide, the efficiency of our platform, the peace of mind we provide admins because their teachers are able to access our large pool of subs–any time, any where, any day, the simplicity of our contracts, the quality of our subs and our second-to-none customer service. Whatever your motivation to work with us, we promise to exceed your expectations while saving your thousands of dollars–guaranteed!

What training do you provide for your subs?

Our goal is to provide subs who are “Ready to Teach”. How we do that is through a process of initial screening, thorough on boarding processes, in-classroom training combined with online training, soliciting feedback from our partner schools to ensure we have the most relevant and timely training and our commitment to continuous improvement. We owe our success to our awesome subs and believe that well-trained subs deliver extraordinary results in the classroom so that the absence of the full-time teacher does not lead to a wasted day.

Do you have references?

Please see our testimonials and success stories

What schools do you work with?

For privacy reasons, we cannot share information and names of individual schools we work with. However, our customers are concentrated in central Utah, Southern California and central Missouri.

What are your fill rates?

On average, our fill rates are between 95% and 99%. The range reflects variations we see in different states, counties and even schools. In general, schools that have the highest ratings on our platform enjoy very high fill rates. We believe that even with last minute job posts, we rival even the very best agencies anywhere in the country.

How much do you charge per sub?

Some schools call us “disruptive”. We prefer to consider ourselves “revolutionary”. How do we charge schools less money and yet pay our subs more at the same time? The answer lies in our state-of-the-art technology platform. Schools determine how much they want to pay their subs based upon going rates in their county. Once this rate is established we may work with the school to add incentives, as needed, to ensure optimal fill rates.

FAQ / About Substitutes

Why Ready2Teach?

Ready2Teach was formed with one goal in mind: To recruit, onboard, and train the best substitute teachers around the country. How? Leverage the advantages of technology to make this process simple, easy, and straight-forward. We recruit subs year-round and pay them above average wages because we have developed technological advantages that keep our costs low. Subs love our platform and the flexibility to work as much or as little as they want. So whether you work full-time and sub once a week or would like to sub everyday, we have the right opportunities for you.

What’s your hiring process?

We take the hustle out of the recruiting, on-boarding, and hiring process. We partner with a couple of leading HR Platforms around the country to target the best and most qualified substitute teachers. After initial screening interviews, we run fingerprints and background checks and train new subs in the “Ready2Teach” Classroom and through online resources we have developed internally. Our goal is to make sure that even if our subs do not receive a lesson plan upon arrival to their assignment, that they are Ready to Teach nonetheless.

How much work can I expect?

At Ready2Teach you can work as much for as little as your schedule allows. Some of our remarkable subs work everyday and others work only one day a week. If a sub wants for work only once in a while, we still want them and will find the right opportunities that fit their interests and expertise.

How often do i get paid?

We believe that your hard-earned cash belongs to you and should be available as and when you need it. For this reason, we pay subs at least weekly. We also work with third parties to pay subs “on-demand” for jobs they’ve successfully completed.

What schools do you work with?

Ready2Teach currently operates in States–Utah, California and Missouri. We are working to open up business in other States in the near future. In markets where we operate, we work primarily with private schools, charter schools and small school districts. However, we welcome all educational institutions that need help with absence management or want access to our state-of-the-art software to make their lives easier.

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